LuIs JiMeNeZ

4 09 2009

After taking this class i leaned a lot about so many different wines. one thing that i will remember is when we tasted the wines. the way that they taste, the elements of i, and the food that goes well with them. I learned about the two worlds of the wine. the bottling of still wines, rose wine, sparking wines and more.I now know how to read the labels in the bottles.the teacher talked about the growing of grapes to the makings of this wines. over all my wine class was time and learning to the max of the 3 weeks…..



4 09 2009

So I knew a little about wine before this class. Some from friends that are supposed wine hobbyists and a little from the somellier club. (alsace is an interesting place, I bet Ullie is from there..) I remember at a young age I was introduced to Alcohol, The way we were brought up was more typical to Europe as far as how we looked at it. Wine was served but it was more like the Brachetto d’Acqui we drank then anything else, but then again it was either Polish Wine or Serbian which as I know now really isn’t wine but more like brandy.

I enjoyed Wine before but with the information that I have now I have a much better handle of Why I am drawn to the wines I am, so going into the future I may just be able to tell which ones not only I will enjoy but the wines people that I drink those wines with may enjoy. My personal Preference for white Is alsace and german wine. I did also admire some of the Austalian wine. some of the red where kick in the crotch tough but most of those are designed to be drank with food. I am also intrigued with the Idea of Italian wine, beverages designed to be consumed with food seems to be an idea I can get behind.

I enjoyed all the wines, but that is because generally speaking my family and heritage are alcohol consumers. Some of the rougher wines I would not go out of my way to drink but on occasion with the proper compliment could be good.

All the history, methods and anscetoral backdrop makes me more interested in learning about the histories of the wine than actually drinking the stuff. So I have become more intrigued about wine than I was before, persuing a Life of Wine and Spirits seems to be a fantastic career to strive for.

mike hume

4 09 2009

befor taking this class I pretey much felt that all reds taste the same and all whites tated the same. now  I have a fermer understanding of the true compexety of all wine and how there toirar has a great efect on thair flavor. my personal fav is pinot noir which i had always leaned to in the past but spcificly the Orgon pinot with more of a ruby color. riesling is my least favorite in my slightly older age sweet has not been one of my favs and riesling is most sertonly a sweeter wine

menashi’s blog

4 09 2009

Since taking this class i have learned much about wine,  but the thing that i got out of this class that will stay with me is the tastings. The way to taste a wine and appreciate it as a whole nut just as a drink. The different element that go into making the wine and the way the wine alters food. That is the crazy part, regardless if the food comes out amazing the wine can alter its taste and there fore make food taste bad. Wine can be a part of a whole, and the whole being the meal itself, not only do you cook wit hthe wine but you can throw a glass into the meal and enhance all the flavors and in between dishes to cleanse the palate. I have gained much more repect for wne in general, and that on a date make sure you order a bottle viognier!!!!!!!       ROOM 205 RULES

James Lauletta

4 09 2009

Bevore taking this class I thought wine was just something that prissy French people, and yuppies drank at dinner. But I have learned that it is much more than that, and that if you take your time to find it there is a wine for everyone. Coming from a slightly crazy Italian family the only experience I had with wine before this class was the home made reds my grandpa made in his basement, which tasted horrible, but I discovered several whites that I quite enjoy, most notably the very first riesling we tasted.  The wines I most enjoyed were ’07 Beringer White Zinfandel, ’07 Taman Torrontes, ’06 Selbach-Oster Spatlese, and Brachetto d’acqui

All About V..I mean Wine

4 09 2009

Before taking this class, I had some basic knowledge of wine. But after really learning and going into great detail on the differences between wine and the food that can be paired with it, made me more open-minded. At first, most of the wines tasted and smelled the same to me, i couldn’t figure out why i couldn’t smell what everyone else was smelling. Once i opened my mind to trying something new, it became easier to really learn about the wine.  After all the tasting we did, I came to the conclusion that wine is really not for me. I enjoyed tasting some but not all. Since I have such a sweet tooth, I liked the two wines that were high in sugar but low in alcohol. The 06 Selbach-Oster Riesling Saptlese Mosel-Saar Ruwer and Nv Brachetto d’acqui Marenco were my favorites.  They had such great flavors and aromas. Would I go out and drink these wines again, absolutely.  At the same time, I know that red wine is definitely an enemy. I don’t know which one is more overpowering, the tannin or the smokey alcohol taste that stays and lingers in your mouth. NO THANKS! I think wine is a acquired taste kinda like beer. Sometimes you like, sometimes you don’t. Considering this was my second time taking a wine and beverage class, I do feel that my taste have changed for the better. I am much more open-minded to trying something new and glad that I didn’t have to try them alone.

Josh Mitchell

3 09 2009

Wine has been a part of my life for awhile.  About the age of 14 my parents started giving me a glass here and there at our dinners. We are a wine family. Throughout there international travels our wine cellar has certainly become quite extensive. They find what they like and they stick with it.   That being said, i thought my knowledge of wine was above average. The WSET wine class told me otherwise 🙂 Taking this course has certainly filled in many of the questions that arose during my WSET adventures.  Knowing simply where, what & what type will put you heads above the average jackass in this world. In talking this class, it has only solidified that it is possible to love wine. It will always be a an absolute in my household. As for my favorites….Pinot Noir from the Central Coast of California. This is because of the Fruits, Spices, Earthiness  & low tannin levels. Chianti….Because of the Floral notes and complexity.  Finally…Chateauneuf du-Pape for the fruit & light body. As for the bad….Cab will just beat your ass if your not careful. however, it is good with the right piece of meat. Reisling….Sweet,sweet,sweet, not for me.