For the Love of Food by Meghan O.

25 06 2008

For the Love of Food is a book that I have bought recently.  It is a book of stories and recipes from the chefs of the IACP.  The IACP is the International Association of Culinary Professionals.  The group has been around since 1978.  It is a non-for-profit organization, and consists of over 4,000 members.  The IACP is the most prestigious international group of food professionals ever, and to become a member would be the best thing that could happen. Members of this association consist of food writers, food photographers, culinary historians, and even cooking teachers.  Members of this group are recognized worldwide.  This book was published by food writers, the food was photographed by food photographers and the recipes and stories about the featured chefs are written by themselves and collaborated with the food writers.  This book is the perfect mixture for learning and to read for pleasure.  The stories are interesting, the recipes are wonderfully intriguing and the pictures are stunning.  Some examples of the chefs featured in this book are Rick Bayless, Carol Blomstrom, Todd English, Rick Tramonto, Charlie Trotter, and Gale Gand.  This book is actually in the bookstore, and I suggest that you should check it out. 


The Oysy Experience by. Zamir B

20 06 2008

On monday June 16 our midday cafe cohort, had the opportunity to go to sample some authentic japenese food at the small but nice restaurant named Oysy. This marks one of the few times that I have tried sushi during a dining experienced, and the first time that I actually liked it. To go along with the great food that we ate the service was very good and the food came within a reasonable time. I had the lunch platter with the steak as my main choice, which was very very good and went along great with the sweet and sour sauce that came along with the meal. Also the sushi platter that Chef Tim gave us with the salmon, egg, and sea urchin was pretty good, well at least two of the three. The sea urchin was just one of those flavors that would take a long time to get used to. The overall dining experience was good for the type of establishment it is, and Im pretty sure that I will be going back sometime soon. I think the only problem I had while dining at Oysy was learning how to hold the chopsticks and picking up food with them without dropping it. I dont have much experience with going to Japanese restaurants, but I am sure that Oysy is one of the best in Chicago.

In conclusion, I am thankful for the introduction to a new cuisine that I had very little knowledge of. I am glad that I got the opportunity to go out and expand my horizon on different cultural culinary cuisines. I can surely say that this was one of the most different restaurants that I am used to going to just because I was raised to think that eating raw food was unhealthy. I definately know that in the future I will be going back to experience the food at Oysy again.

Culinary Artistry by Jon Sekulovski

22 05 2008

This blog is going to be about a book that I am currently reading, and is very interesting. This book, Culinary Artistry, is an outstanding book written by James Beard Award-winning authors Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page, and is one of the best books I have ever read. It explores the creative side of a culinary composition, and gives so much information, but in an easy and fun layout. The book includes interviews with more then 30 of America’s top chefs. It talks about where they find their inspiration, and how it gets translated on their plates. It also tells us about their menu planning, and how important menu planning is to the restaurant. Some of my favorite parts are in the interviews with the chefs, the book asks them that if they were stuck on a deserted island what 10 foods would they take with them and what 3 cooking techniques they could not live without. Another favorite part is there is like a 50 page section with lists of like every ingredient and then it lists what ingredients go well with it, and the ones in bold are perfect matches. Culinary Artistry also gives a breakdown on popular flavors that are unique to every country, similar to what we all learned in International cuisine. Finally, throughout the book it gives us signature recipes and standout menus by the chefs interviewed, including Rick Bayless’ Oaxacan Fiesta served at the Beard House and Gary Danko’s Truffle Menu.