MeNaShI yEa!!!!!

5 11 2009

     Their are two classes that i think are really helpful in this school, ONe of them is meat fab, even though we dont have this class anymore but it was worth learning the ways to butcher meat and prepare and hold the meat. My other fav class was wine and bev, just because that class started me in trying new wines and pairing them with my dishes. It also helped that we were drinking by noon.

   The class that i thought was the least helpful was grande manager, no one really uses these methods anymore. I mean people use it but its only used in hotels. Now the new class that they have banquets is a good idea.

    The fact that im still here and still trying to work as hard as i can to finish this degree. I never really finished anything other than highschool, and being tested by working full time and coming here full time gave me a sense of satisfaction.

I would have changed the fact that i was tyold i would get kicked out of  this school so much. It was like a weekly things and i always gave everyone respect and never talked back, so i thought that was kinda messed up.




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