4 09 2009

So I knew a little about wine before this class. Some from friends that are supposed wine hobbyists and a little from the somellier club. (alsace is an interesting place, I bet Ullie is from there..) I remember at a young age I was introduced to Alcohol, The way we were brought up was more typical to Europe as far as how we looked at it. Wine was served but it was more like the Brachetto d’Acqui we drank then anything else, but then again it was either Polish Wine or Serbian which as I know now really isn’t wine but more like brandy.

I enjoyed Wine before but with the information that I have now I have a much better handle of Why I am drawn to the wines I am, so going into the future I may just be able to tell which ones not only I will enjoy but the wines people that I drink those wines with may enjoy. My personal Preference for white Is alsace and german wine. I did also admire some of the Austalian wine. some of the red where kick in the crotch tough but most of those are designed to be drank with food. I am also intrigued with the Idea of Italian wine, beverages designed to be consumed with food seems to be an idea I can get behind.

I enjoyed all the wines, but that is because generally speaking my family and heritage are alcohol consumers. Some of the rougher wines I would not go out of my way to drink but on occasion with the proper compliment could be good.

All the history, methods and anscetoral backdrop makes me more interested in learning about the histories of the wine than actually drinking the stuff. So I have become more intrigued about wine than I was before, persuing a Life of Wine and Spirits seems to be a fantastic career to strive for.




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