All About V..I mean Wine

4 09 2009

Before taking this class, I had some basic knowledge of wine. But after really learning and going into great detail on the differences between wine and the food that can be paired with it, made me more open-minded. At first, most of the wines tasted and smelled the same to me, i couldn’t figure out why i couldn’t smell what everyone else was smelling. Once i opened my mind to trying something new, it became easier to really learn about the wine.  After all the tasting we did, I came to the conclusion that wine is really not for me. I enjoyed tasting some but not all. Since I have such a sweet tooth, I liked the two wines that were high in sugar but low in alcohol. The 06 Selbach-Oster Riesling Saptlese Mosel-Saar Ruwer and Nv Brachetto d’acqui Marenco were my favorites.  They had such great flavors and aromas. Would I go out and drink these wines again, absolutely.  At the same time, I know that red wine is definitely an enemy. I don’t know which one is more overpowering, the tannin or the smokey alcohol taste that stays and lingers in your mouth. NO THANKS! I think wine is a acquired taste kinda like beer. Sometimes you like, sometimes you don’t. Considering this was my second time taking a wine and beverage class, I do feel that my taste have changed for the better. I am much more open-minded to trying something new and glad that I didn’t have to try them alone.




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