Josh Mitchell

3 09 2009

Wine has been a part of my life for awhile.  About the age of 14 my parents started giving me a glass here and there at our dinners. We are a wine family. Throughout there international travels our wine cellar has certainly become quite extensive. They find what they like and they stick with it.   That being said, i thought my knowledge of wine was above average. The WSET wine class told me otherwise 🙂 Taking this course has certainly filled in many of the questions that arose during my WSET adventures.  Knowing simply where, what & what type will put you heads above the average jackass in this world. In talking this class, it has only solidified that it is possible to love wine. It will always be a an absolute in my household. As for my favorites….Pinot Noir from the Central Coast of California. This is because of the Fruits, Spices, Earthiness  & low tannin levels. Chianti….Because of the Floral notes and complexity.  Finally…Chateauneuf du-Pape for the fruit & light body. As for the bad….Cab will just beat your ass if your not careful. however, it is good with the right piece of meat. Reisling….Sweet,sweet,sweet, not for me.




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