Mathew Matouk’s Post

2 09 2009

      Before I took this class, I almost knew nothing about wine, But form the past three weeks that fact changed ever thing.  Now thanks to this class, I now know allot of the important essentials need to know for the future.  Like how fermentation works, the regions where all the types of grapes come form, and how each grape has a special history that influenced the world for years to come.  Out of the many wines I have tried in this, “(like the Nobel 6)” I have to say that my favorite regional type of wines would have to be, an Italian white wine called “Tolloy Pinot Grigio, Dolomiti 12.5%.  I really like this white wine because of it’s really nice sweet and fruity body, nice even levels of alcohol and acidity, and just the fact that it meets my comfort needs.  So in conclusion of that Italian wine is cool, I’m cool, were all cool…..NICE!!!




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