Ashley Wolf/ Where are we going?

26 07 2009

As we all know, the food industry is a revolving door. If you watch the latest trends they are constantly changing. Every Chef is trying to out do the last Chef, with something that has a bigger bang. But, is that what the economy is allowing everyday Chef’s around American to do?  Or, is it allowing consumers being able to purchase these high cost foods?

I think that with the way the economy is, we will not or not be able to go the establishment that offer the newer cuisine. Paying the sky rocketing prices for molecular cuisine is out of the question. Parents are going to be more concerned if they are going to be able to food on the table for their kids, than worrying about how someone can impress them with food.

Right now I believe that while we are in a recession people are going to be looking for lots of food for low cost, more of the comfort food establishment. Hopefully when we get out of this recession, people will not be forced, but willing to enjoy the finer side of the culinary industry.




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