Jose Mendez

25 07 2009

Before I took this class I thought wine was very complicated and complex and that maybe it had very little to do with food. But to be fair before I began school, I had no clue about cooking, I just knew I wanted in on the action. After taking this class I understand the basic fundamentals of wine and I learned the different types of wine bottles and their purpose. I learned the reason for aging and how it varies the taste of wine. After being exposed to wines on a daily matter, I am able to find the subtle aromas. I mean comparing the first time I was smelling wines and taking notes on our wine chart to the second and last week , my notes and comments were more in quantity and very precise. Well as precise as a novice can get. After taking this class I want to learn more about wines and hearing all the stories makes me want to expand more into this field, since I know now that wine is food. To be the best in this field you must have understanding and a drive for food , which includes wine awesome. Well in the begging I liked the white wines but towards the end I like the red wines. My favorite white wine was the Hugel Gewurztraminer, from Alsace since it was sweet and fruity. But it wasn’t so sweet that it felt like a dessert wine. As, for my favorite red wine, I really enjoyed the Root I Cabernet Sauvignon, it was very creamy and it didn’t feel too strong for me. To pick a country , that I think has tasty wines, well it would be Germany and New Zealand, since I’m still in my teen years, I still crave sweets, and they do have sweet wines. But for flavor and tannin I think I would have to chose France, and Italy, more specific, Alsace, Chianti Classico. The wines I didn’t enjoy as much , or more less, the ones my mouth were taking a beating would have to be the wines with high tannin and acid. WOW, is what I put on the side of my notes, intense and sad face in pain, like the Zinfandel, I thought would be tasty and sweet, boy was I wrong. This is one of those classes that I feel should last longer than three weeks, I mean if this class lasted 6 weeks, imagine how much more this class alone can take us. Thank you so much Mike, I learned a lot and I can honestly say if it wasn’t for you teaching it to me, I probably wouldn’t have learned as much as I did. Oh yea after i visit every single place you told us to visit , ill send you a picture and a postcard. i promise




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