Sam Montague

24 07 2009

My thoughts on wine prior to this class were pretty vague. I knew what wine was but I had no idea the vast array of information and knowledge there is to know about wine. The enology and viticulture fascinated my mind and brought me to new places mentally. Not only did I get a great basic learning of wine, but also a pretty good geography lesson. But another thing I learned in this class is that of course, they go hand in hand. My knowledge from this class was definitely for the better. How could it not be? I’ll be able to apply these skills to my career in the food industry, where as maybe some who have been to culinary school won’t be able to because of this wonderful class.
To put it vaguely, I enjoyed the white wine. To put it precisely, I enjoyed the white wines from France, old world. One of my favorites had to have been the 06 Côtes de Provence Rosé, Château D’Esclans 13% because of its peachy, pear, buttery smooth flavor and it wasn’t too dry for me. I also enjoyed most of the Rieslings, my favorite being the 05 Hugel Riesling, Alsace 12.5% because of its hints pear and dry, acidic structure. The one exception was the 06 Selbach-Oster Riesling Spätlese Mosel-Saar-Ruwer 9.5%. It was too sweet and too much tannin for me.
The ONLY red wine I enjoyed (and happened to be a favorite) was the 05 Crozes-Hermitage Paul Jaboulet 13.5%, it had a slight but not too much oak, and had a nice spice to it, with a little tannin. Other than that I really didn’t care much for the reds, but I gave all of them a good honest try. They just aren’t for me, personally. But I know I’ve only tried a few of the ba-zillion wines out there, and am willing to try ‘em all if I have to. I loved this class!




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