Ronnie holmes

24 07 2009

My thought on wine has changed for the better! I know and have a way better understanding how and why wine is placed in the bottle it’s in and even the reading of the label. I know and understand why some of the bottles are so pricy(if that’s a word) due to where it was made and what variety grape or graoes it contains and everything. Before taking this class I always wanted to learn how and whiy wines went with certain foods. I know have just about a complete understanding why basicaly they go together because they balance eachother out, the fat with acid, salt and sweet, and so forth. The best to and for me was the really sweet one that we had which was called Nebbiolo, in Italy. It had a dark like ruby red almost color you can tell that it was still a young wine. My least favorite was Chateau ste michelle merlot, columbia valley the color was a very dark red, looked almost like death! It also taste the same exact way, it was horrible, it was very dry, lots of tanning and tasted as if it did’nt have any sugar in it at all. It was the worst on my list. I really appreciated have you as a teacher. I like the way you broke it down into our language and kept me woke when I was very sleepy at times lol (p.s.) not trying to get any kiss ass points either just speaking the truth!




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