Nicholas Morgan, Chataigne #1

24 07 2009

In the near future I see that the foodservice industry will generally stay the same. I don’t think that there will be one type of dining experience that will change drastically. Restaurants will always be trying to make money and at the same time giving their guests an enjoyable experience.
I think that this whole molecular gastronomy fad right now will not be around in the future as much as we see it today. I think that a few restaurants will continue on with this concept. The problem that I have with this is that it is not really “food” to me. I understand the concept and all but I just don’t understand how you can want to enjoy that type of meal on a day to day basis. The Fine-Dining experience will remain the same, succulent appetizers, standard mains of steak or seafood, with the occasional chicken and the desserts will be worth the wait. Along with the Fine-Dining experience I would like to see it go back to more of a classic feel. I like having the maitre’d being in charge of the day to day runnings of the dining room. I can remember back to a specific Fine-Dining restaurant where they had a “captain.” I would always get the “captains course.” This included a classic Caesar Salad, Escargot or Shrimp DeJonghe, Steak Diane and finished up with a Captains Coffee. This meal is entirely prepared tableside. I have ordered this meal over 25 times and I always go back because of my dining experience and not just for the food. I would really like to see this type of dining throughout the rest of the future.
For the rest of the industry, such as the regular restaurants, I would not like to see too much of a change. I like being able to go back to an establishment and have the same chicken marsala that I enjoyed from a month earlier. I know this sounds mainly like corporate restaurants, but the main thing is that with those restaurants is that they pump out decent food, they have better than average sanitary workplaces and they MAKE MONEY. Making money is what this business is all about.




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