Michael Jarvis/Chef Tim, F.O.H 6am, “The direction of the industry”

24 07 2009

I believe that our industry its at a very interesting time right now, there is so much happening in so many different places. I could see it going one of two ways.

The first would be that it continues on its track to constantly becoming more modern and contemporary, with chefs discovering new techniques and trying an array of new things. Which I think would be great for once this resession is over and more people can afford to go out and eat, becuase no matter how much money you have, everyone has started to spend less then they used to.

The second would be that this food starts to go backwords. If this were to happen we would begin to see more hearty and home-style food. Possibly more stews, roasts, chowders, and cummunal seating.

I do support the first option more than then second, because they are a lot of extremely creative and highly motivated people in the industry right now, who i think will continue to raise the bar




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