Leslie Gomez, Chataigne 2

24 07 2009

Many people like Anthony Bourdain because he caries he’s bad ass stigma everywhere he goes, and plays by his own rules virtually.Personally appreciate  his courage to put his personal experiences on the for front and not be afraid of judgement. Our field faces much ridicule from various personel; however his decisions has molded him into a good role model of our field. Not being able to say you were wrong, taking advice from others, trying new adventures and food, and most importantly, not being ashamed of what decisions, good or bad, you’ve made in the past, are some of his most beneficial attributes.

 Many of those are hard for most people to do; however in this field it is more of a common neccessity. Humbleness of your work and dedication to the project ahead is what makes a chef, a true Chef.

As in his show, No Reservation, he travels tasteing the local foods and more importantly the culture of the native people. Bourdain understands that food is the best source of a groups history, culture and tradions. It’s more personal than a text book and caries the soul of that that is in music. In a truly good meal you can taste the passion, history and culture of the person whom cooked it.

He’s practices and ways of practice are that of a chef who is engaged in what food is really about. His understanding of where it comes from and his involvement and care in what makes it historical and worth the travel is what truly allows me to say he is a Chef!




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