Catalina Ropp

24 07 2009

I knew very little about wine although I drink it regularly with dinner. I think now my views about wine have changed completely. Now I feel like I can instinctively look at wines with a new passion. I feel more comfortable around wines that I may not have been familiar with before. I feel a confidence about choosing a wine at a restaurant I didn’t have before. Now my husband can sit back while I choose the wine. I have had an aversion for white wines, as a few gave me headaches, probably from not having a good knowledge of the different varieties. I was very surprised with the vintage 07 Selbach – Oster Riesling Kabinet Mosel. It was very pleasing. I didn’t like the Cognac XO Grande Champagne Ier Cru, Delamain 40% nor the Bas – Armagnac XO Cerbois 46%.
I’m still a big fan of reds because of their fuller body. Especially Carbernets and Merlots. In my family we drink riojas and we love them very much. I really enjoyed this cals with this instructor and I laughed a lot. He makes this class a lot of fun.




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