Carlos Carreon(Bacon by TIm Z

24 07 2009

Buying local product is a wide spread subject but yet the movement is slowly catching on. I frankly, don’t understand why more businesses aren’t getting involved with their local farms to get the freshest product instead of trucks that have been on the road for miles before it gets to your establishment. The average distance that food travels before it gets to your plate is 1,500 miles and being harvested in California, Chile, and other parts of the world before it even gets to the distributor. This is definitely enough time for sugars to turn to starch, plant cells shrink and produce to lose its vitality, in turn we get the short end of the stick and pay the same for it.

Local food is usually GMO-free, and more and more people look for that on food labels just as much as they do for organic or any other health driven tag on packages. Local farmers are not authorized to use GMO seed nor would they use it if they could because the damages to the farm and all the legal issues behind it make the seed undesirable to local producers. Farmers aren’t out to hurt their consumers and when we start buying from them we make a long standing connection between grower and consumer which is vital in more ways than just one. Supporting someone in your community I’m sure feels much better than giving your money to some huge tycoon food distributor that never thanks you, whereas local farmer give bushels of free product when harvest is good, and you’re good to them.

Taxes will be on the rise in the near future no matter what community you live in if we don’t start supporting local growers because losing farming land to develop new subdivisions will cost you more in taxes for services. Every dollar raised in revenue by a farmer the government would pay less than the cost of services from those raised in revenue by developers. When there is few developers you preserve more land for wildlife and agriculture alike, which promotes a cleaner environment and abundant food for all.




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