Sierra K

23 07 2009

I previously thought of wine as something people drank because they thought they were better than me. I also believed the only “good” wine was expensive and confusing. This might be why I was perfectly content with brown bagging my bottle of Boones Farm for special occasions. Now that I have a better understanding of the beverage, I just might be converted. I would have to say that most of my favorite wines from class were white wines, but the reds are slowly growing on me. Riesling was perhaps my favorite followed closely by the Sauvingnon Blancs from New Zealand. The Malbec really kind of turned me on to red wines. I was not too fond of any of the Cabernet Sauvingnons. They all seemed a little overwhelming for my personal taste. Overall I really enjoyed the class and hope to explore more into the world of wine.




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