Leslie Gomez, Chataigne

23 07 2009

After viewing the video on El Bulli, it’s facinating to see the various,”experiments,” food is being taken to; however food as a whole is an experimental process. I agree with the discussion that before taking your cuisine to new elevations of perspectives and illusions, you must understand the physical science of what makes it taste good and how the chemical enhancements will effect the food.

The direction of food in America is moving to a more genectically enhanced model, instead of valuing quality and the food as it is, we tend to genetcially remodel it in order to fit our economical needs. This is done without any question or notification. I respect the time and care taken into account in various areas of the world that understand food can’t just be changed because of government needs or excuses. 

That being said, American cuisine is moving more towards genetic enhancing with very few inspirations of quality foods. America likes things to be quick even if it sacrifices quality. Many people don’t understand food, storing of it, textures or combinations, but it’s more our culture that inhibits us from learning more, rather than our ability. When lookinga t cuisines for other parts of the world you can taste the time and care put into the dishes and carein the agriculture and animals. If we slow ourselves down and out more value into our food then we can too be one of  quality cuisines.




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