Jeff Harstead

23 07 2009

Attending the future sommelier club sparked my interest in wine and shortly after I attended tastings at a local WineStyles in the south suburbs. These tastings didn’t have much educational value which I was excited for wine class to start. My view on wine hasn’t really changed since the class started. I like whites and am not too fond of reds mostly because they are pretty tannic. Of the whites my favorites were Rieslings and Chardonnay, more specifically the ’07 Artesa Chardonnay. Of the reds I found the Merlots and Pinot Noirs interesting. Also, the Cabernet Sauvignon we had for the midterm was pretty descent. I am interested in experiencing red wines with a meal to see if that changes my taste but as for now, I don’t think I can find a good red sipping wine. I don’t love wine, but I do find it pretty interesting and will probably take the course being offered at CHIC soon. Also,




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