The future by Aqua Swint/CafeTim6:00am

21 07 2009

I believe the future of culinary is Alice Waters, Thomas Keller and Ferrian Adria. The two dominating food movements of the future is Gastronomy and Eco-friendly cuisine. Gastronomy is new and interesting with all of the experimentation of food and taste buds, sure to stick around! The other food movement is known by many names Eco-friendly sustainable cuisine, local or “Back to basics”; all of those title symbolize using local, fresh produce to produce beautiful health dishes for your guests. This food movement is hear to say because it follows the “going green” trend and addresses the obesity epidemic America is currently facing. Thomas Keller and Alice Walker are the names most commonly associated with “local” food movement. They both believe that good food comes from the freshest produce combined with the simplest technique. Alice once said that you don’t have to be a great cook to produce quality food, it starts with quality key ingredients of the freshest kind. This movement is all about getting back to the basics from the garden to the table and cutting out the middle man, preservatives, and artificial influences that are unnecessary. Both Thomas and Alice have gardens at the back of the restaurant where the chef’s hand-pick than prepare the dish, thus having total control over what’s on the plate. The philosophy behind this movement is to let all the natural flavors shine through in a dish and simply compliant them with various spices and cooking methods, but not to over power them. While Thomas strictly focusing on his talent in the field, Alice tries to spread the knowledge. Alice not only write books to spread the knowledge but she also gives back to the community by implementing programs in public school to educate the youth. Alice really believe that all Americans should plant a garden and care more about where there food come from before it gets on the your plate. It is time to get educated about our food, being ignorant is no longer an option. I believe that the French principle of terrior needs to be applied to your food industry. And I believe that Thomas and Alice realize the importance of knowing the source of food while on separate missions they are striving to achieve the same goal. If name brands matter to Americans why aren’t we concerned with are food labels? Gastronomy defined my Merriam Webster’s dictionary is the art or science of good eating, culinary customs or style. This revolutionary cuisine is definitely shaking up the industry, it’s not to be token lightly. Gastronomy changes and challenge the foundation of culinary arts; fine ingredients, extensive cooking methods, and presentation. Gastronomy adds new elements into the equation when creating food they take all five senses into consideration texture, smell, taste, presentation and thought as well. For example, Ferrian Adria creates a dish she tries to create an old dish in a new way while still triggering your sensory memory of the old dish. Ferrian Adria is at the few at the frontier of this food movement. I was honestly skeptical about Gastronomy, I know cooking is a science but I’m not a fan of putting chemicals in food or changing it’s natural physic. After watching that movie about Ferrian Adria I now understanding it’s about experiencing things in a different way. While I am still neither for or against Gastronomy, but I recognize it’s presence and acknowledge it is a force to be reckon with and not to be ignored. I has my attention now.




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30 07 2009
The future by Aqua Swint/CafeTim6:00am « Common Chopsticks « Great Chefs

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