20 07 2009

I am writing in regards to the topic of the food service industry. I personally have been in this industry for almost twenty years, this has afforded me the oppurtunity to work in many diffrent restaurants as well as work with many diffrent individuals, all of whom have their own individual style and work ethics. I have found that there is many diffrent levels of talent to be found in the kitchen, I have for the last ten years or so been in the training side of things. This experience has afforded me the oppurtunity to find out alot about myself as well as others.

 My patience level is pretty good and I have been told that I am a good teacher, at least by those that are willing to learn and put forth some effort. I am very realistic and know what it takes to make it in this industry, I have always said that there is a place in this business for everyone. there are so many aspects to look at wether it is catering or a private chef or working in a hotel to a restaurant setting. Lately I feel that maybe all the food network garbage that people watch is making it seem so easy and that anyone can have a cooking show. This could help explain all the enrollment at culinary schools across America, it looks so easy on television that anyone should be able to have sucess, in the past I would have agreed but as I look back at my career and think of some of the best cooks I have worked with most of whom have never seen a culinary school. This makes me fear for our next generation of cooks who believe that they will go to school and walk out as a chef. The fact is that no matter your skill level, you will definetly up your game and knowledge by getting a proper education, although this does not mean you will be sucessful in this industry. I have to say that in the last twelve months I have changed my mind, this business is not for everyone and not everyone can cook. Most of the people lack common sence or pride and this is a reflection on our whole industry. Hopefully these people will be weeded out in the industry. The best cooks are working cooks in the industry who are always trying to better themselves and their craft to reach impossible goals and make them a reality.




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