Lisa Williams Blog Post

18 07 2009

I am sad to say that I have not found a wine that I love, or barely like. Believe me, I want to like wine, I understand what wine means to so many people and know it is important to know what wine is best to pair with which foods. Now with that in mind, I believe I have learned so much from you about wines and how they are made that I understand the science behind paring food and wine, so that I can make proper selections for diners. It’s very interesting to learn about anything that people love and get excited about. Of the wines we tried, the one’s I enjoyed the most was the 07 Beringer White Zinfandel, CA 10.5% (I know, please don’t hate), I have also enjoyed Vouvre outside of the class, but didn’t get to try the Vouvre you brought to class. It’s really weird, since I don’t generally prefer sweets.




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