Paul benigno/ChataigneTim/6:00am

13 07 2009

I see that food has taken a step back in the fact that there is a surge in the current trend of comfort food and so called cheap eats. Do not get me wrong comfort food will always be a part of our culture because it is exzactly that, comfort food and takes us to a place in time usually from our childhood. The thought or smell of this food brings us to a place of comfort. I feel that there is a general feeling of cheaper food and people are steering away from the fine dining prices that are associated with the fine dining experience. In my opinion the current economic crisis has led to this tightening of the budget. I have a feeling that in the future, I would say after the next five years that people will almost feel a sence of new found wealth, we as a nation will be in an upturn financially and although we may not actually have a lot of money, we will feel after such a long time of budgeting that there is a sence of new found wealth. This will lead to an upsurge in restaurant sales as there will be more room for entertainment in the budget. I feel that your average customer will be more cautious about where they spend their money, so the basics of quality food and quality service will be at the forfront of  the consumer mind, I feel the prices will become secondary as long as the customer feels that it was worth it and I do not mean just the food I mean the entire experience from the time you walk in the door until the time you leave. In general I will say that the basics that have been lost will be at the forfront of the average consumers mind, the style of food is not really the question it will be the experience of the meal in every aspect. I myself am not a fan of fine dining it seems to pretentious to be enjoyable, but in the future I do see alot of the front of house aspects making there way in to a regular dining establishment to give the customer more bang for there dollar. The food itself is only a small part, it has to be a total dining experience. I feel that the places that focus on the basics will be sucessful and the one’s that do not will not be around long. This is an ever evolving business that requires great attention to every detail no matter how insignifigant.




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