Trevor Crane

26 06 2009

Prior to taking this class I thought that drinking wine was for older or sophisticated society. I never reallt thought about drinking wine to get drunk, thanks Mike! I really enjoyed the class and learned that wines are like foods there are going to be some that are ok and others that you love. It is hard for me to decide upon a favorite grape varietal or style that I love the most. The Rieslings would have to be my favorite white wines. I loved the Geil Bechteimer Hasensprung Riesling Spatlese from Rheinhessen not just because of the fun name, but because of its similarities to actual grape juice and its sweetness. I am diabetic and I love sweet things even though they aren’t good for me. My least favorite would have to be the Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough becasue of the very salty, brine taste you get from it. It smells good but then tastes like I ate a salt block. It reminds me of a dirty martini. Did not enjoy it at all! Well that’s about it. America… F%#$ Yeah




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