Adam Rizzo

25 06 2009

Wine was always kind of a mystery to me. Before taking this class, I had no idea the amount of time that went into understanding a bottle of wine’s label. The old world not labeling grape varietal and new world being able to name a grape whatever they chose. With French wines, the more info on the bottle the better the bottle would be. I just thought that it was to make it look more fancy (in a way it is). Now I can walk into a store and really start to look at a country and I can recognize when I see a grape varietal on a label and the country that it’s from, I have a decent idea of what region that wine is from. I never thought that would be possible in 3 weeks time. It seemed like something that would take years to learn. I personally think that my favorite wines that we tried in class are the wine from California, Oregon, and Washington. Well rounded flavors…especially the pinot noirs. They go with much of the food that I like to cook and eat. I think my least favorite were the big cabernets and shiraz that would dry your mouth out and really have no fruit notes at all. I also like the crisp sauvignon blancs from New Zealand because of their ability to go with many types of food.




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