Wine by tinman

23 06 2009

This course has changed the way which I view wine for the better. Of the wines tasted in class I found that I enjoyed the “new world” reds from the southern hemisphere such as the 2006 Two-up Shiraz from Southern Australia. I liked that these wines brought a medially of different flavors into the wines that I did not find in some of the “old world” wines. The “old world” reds certainly held there own and were great. I just enjoyed the former a bit more. As for wines that I disliked..I found that I did not favor some of the reds that were towards the end of our tastings such as the 04 Chateanouf du Pape and the 03 Haut Medoc. I would give both a second chance because I think they got the short end of the stick after I had already tasted 6 wines before I got to each of those. The one theme that I found that they had in common was that both were high in tannin and very earthy.




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