Joe Wirth

21 06 2009

I have always enjoyed drinking wine because of my older brother who introduced me to my first good tasting wine. I did not realize how the new world and the old world was split up and the fact that wines of the same grape variety can taste so different comming from different places. I have always thought wine and how it interacts with food is a pretty complex subject. After this class i still believe it is a very in depth subject but i now have a more generalized understanding of how it works. And i now understand how i would be able to further educate myself on this. I have always been a fan of cabernet sauvignon, but i really enjoyed the Argentinian Malbec. I enjoyed how you could taste terroir of the region. You could taste the spices and peppers. My least favorite was the kim krawford sauvignon blanc because it different than most every wine i have ever tried. It reminded me of drinking nail polish…not something i enjoy, normally.




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