Joanna’s Wine and Beverage BLOG

7 06 2009

Before Wine and Beverage class, I knew little about wine. I knew which wines were white and which were red by the name, for the most part, and also which wines were lighter or heavier tasting. I’ve enjoyed German wines for some time now, thanks to my mother, and I’ve always new that I preferred white wines over red.

I’ve always been taken by the tradition and history behind the “old world” countries. I have an old childhood friend, by the name of Milena Fatta (her family is approximately 500% Italian) who taught me more than I ever realized about Italian culture, and enlightened me about how the country of Italy is vastly different from region to region. Her family drank wine at almost every meal, and cooked with it in so many of their dishes, and I have vivid memories of her mother teaching me about real Italian food and people in broken English with such a strong Italian accent that I could barely understand her- but I didn’t care. I still envy people who were raised practicing Old World traditions. I wish I didn’t feel like I was trying too hard when I’m shopping for wine, but sometimes, especially before this class, I did.
I’m thankful for the opportunity to taste so MANY different wines, and I agree 100% that the only way to really learn about wine is to just freaking taste it. Often. I’m in to that. I’ve gotten WEIRD a couple nights tasting some wines, but thankfully, I remember what I did and did not like about the wines. I even started to keep my own little wine journal. Speaking of which- here are a few of my favorites we tried in class:

*Seven Sisters Chenin Blanc, Western Cape
*Geil Bechtheimer Hasensprung Riesling Spatlese Rheinhessen
*Selbach-oster Riesling Kabinett, Mosel-Soar-Rower
*Pouilly Fuisse, Louis Lator
*Tamari Torrontes Mendoza
*Cotes du Rhone Rose, Paul Jaboulet
*Willamette Valley Vineyards Pinot Noir, Dundee Hills
etc, etc, but I’ve learned that my favorite Red is Pinot Noir. I hope I’m not a wuss for that- the tannin on most red wines give me an instant headache. I’m going to keep drinking it though, until I start to like them.

My favorite wines are acidic, and slightly sweet with medium alcohol and medium body. Blush, or Rose wines are delicious, sweet and fruity as hell, but they do really taste good with most foods and of course, desserts. I like Red Wine with food, but some of those Spanish wines, or especially the Chianti we tried, really did kick my ass. I was sitting in the front of class, puckering and shuttering like someone who was dared to eat a whole lemon. I am a wuss, but at least I know WHY!

Taking this class was an absolute joy for me, and I am so happy with how much I learned in such a short amount of time. I am attending a wine tasting tomorrow, and I can’t wait!

Thanks so much for everything, Mike!




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