Wine and Beverage Class: Laura Scipione

6 06 2009

My grandparents on my dad’s side are from the old country, so I pretty much grew up with wine in my 7-UP.  Or Marsala for breakfast… don’t ask.  Even still, this class was completely new and exciting.  It has given me a completely different perspective of drinking wine.  Where at one point, wine was just something to drink without a passing  thought,  I now realize it is something much more than that.  I never knew that there were other smells and tastes present besides grapes.  I now see that there can be citrus flavors, vanilla, tobacco, and leather.  And I really never could have imagined that wine could somehow be creamy?!?! That crazy malolactic fermentation!  I also liked to compare the difference between Old World and New World wines.  They are amazingly different, but great in there own ways.  While I was somewhat familiar of the difference between sweet wines and dry wines, I never realized how important it is to pair the right food with the right wine.  I will never be able to look at wine the same way again.  I recognize that it is still something to be enjoyed, but there is sooo much more to know about it.  And the knowledge I have gained is definitely for the better.

In terms of wines I enjoyed and disliked… I embarrassingly and in a terribly girly way was a fan of the White Zinfandel.  If anyone says they don’t like it, they are lying.  I  also really enjoyed the Sancerre.  It had an earthy, green pepper beginning, but a fruit finish.  It was light and delicious.  I cannot say I really disliked any of the wines.  Even the ones that take you off guard are meant to be that way.  I think they are all delicious in their own right.

Thoroughly enjoyed the class!




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