Wine and Bev–Tamia A. McClain

6 06 2009

The crazy thing about school and learning in general is that when you really get into it, you realize just how much you don’t know, and how much more about life that there is to discover. —Back in the day, I used to sip on Korbel and Kendall Jackson wine thinking I knew a little something and was being hip and classy…But, the very first day of class, my whole world was turned on its side, and I learned more in one day about wine than I ever had on my own. I’m beginning to understand what I like, what I don’t like, and more importantly why. I’m learning how to articulate and justify how I feel and describe food in a way that other people can understand. Everyday I find myself adding to my knowledge-base and in turn, the dreams and fuzzy ideas that I once had for my future are starting to become clearer. I guess this is what it feels like to turn into a chef…I’m far from the goal, but I certainly am enjoying the ride. It’s cool to be this excited about something, and see other people excited around you. Before I came to school, it had been a while since I felt like this…

Favorite Wine?: So far, I’m a huge fan of Chablis (mmm!) and Riesling (but only from Germany)

I realized that I’m not at all a fan of oak…(yuck!) and I’m pretty sure smellovision messed me up for life. I grabbed entirely too much cinnamon and everytime I see a red wine I think of how it felt in my mouth. Tanin hurts my life.


So uh yeah, to put it simply…great class…learned a lot about me, my classmates, wine, and life.






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