Carlos Carreon… Gerwurztraminer!?!?!?!?

6 06 2009

Ive never had any exposure to the world of wines before this class and now the little knowlege I know now entises me to learn more and more. I had one simple understaning of wine pre Mike Willison and that was to drink the whole bottle at the dinner time or just to have fun because it was a family thing or tradition. Now my perspective of wine is much more vast but suprisingly hasnt changed my perspective on its role in human life.

The wine is all about traditions and whether you decide to follow those traditions to a tee determines whether you are new world or old world wines. For our purposes the New world Wines come from all the begginings of wine varietal in Europe but thats not to say weve kept all the old standing traditions from the old Country. The new world focuses less on terroir and more on the science of grape growing and wine making. Blends and adaptation is the name of the game in the New World but some damn good wines come from this categorie.

Old World is the exact oppositte for the simple fact that the unseen does all the work in the world of grapes and producing the very best wine. Traditions and Standards for the Old world are kept up at a very different level in each country for that matter. Europe is now the Big Dog in the wine making world because of all it contributions and advancements but new world wines are on the rise and the preseances is felt.




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