Belly of The Beast Evin’s

6 06 2009

Have you ever been somewhere and looked around and thought that to yourself that it is so many overweight people around you. I haven’t noticed it until I started going downtown everyday. I have done research and learned more about americans and our eating habits. There’s a reason why we have the most overweighed people in the world. That is simply due to americans wanting to much. As americans when we go to restraunts we expect to leave the restraunt stuffed with our belly hanging out rather than just being satisified. We want large portions of food until we cant eat anymore. I have learned that in a lot of other countries that they eat smaller portions of food but with good quality for the same opposite reason. They are not interested in leaving their favortie restraunt blotted but are interested in just being satisified. I think this is why we are seeing more organic foods being used in our country today for this reason and I totally agree with it.




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