Wine and Beverage Blog By Gabriel Alvarez

5 06 2009

Wine is a tough one for me. I never really understodod wine, even after taking the sweet version of this class. I knew what tannins were and had a good idea of how to come up with pairings; but was not at the comfort level that I would have liked to to be at. After taking this class though, I guess you can call it the savory version; I’m kind of starting to look at wine with a different set of eyes now. The only kind that I would ever drink would be a Merlot and that’s because it was the only varietal that I could remember and spell!!! I would have it with everything…even though I didn’t enjoy it, except ciggs. Now I comfortably say that I have a better idea of how to pair food with the wine and desserts. If we are gonna talk about favorite styles….I don’t know.  I like the New World wines for the fruitier flavors, they are more palatte friendly if you will or should I say welcoming?!?!?! On the other hand, I appreciate the traditions of the old world and how they pretty much just leave up to mother nature to take care of it, for the most part at least.  It leaves you with a lot of natural, earthy, even minerally flavors that just can’t be duplicated.  If I had to pick a varietal, it would have to be Vouvray. I like it’s soft flavor and it’s flowery fragance. I never thought I’d go from red to white!! My least favorite would have to be the chianti classico…it just tasted like pee.  Favorite country, let’s stick with France. The wine is great and you can just drink it with out having to have food with it. Just enjoy it on its own!




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