food sevice in american vs. around the country by jason boland

5 06 2009

one day last week i was watching bizzare foods on the travel channel and andthe host was visiting niciragua and while on his adventure or so called and while he was over there he talked about the food service over there and how you can get food anywhere you are and its cheap and service is always exceptinal.

when we look at american culture and the way we go about service is way diffrent we first of all usuallly prefer to sit down and eat rather walk and eat although there is still a great liking for this.
i juist think that americans excpect too much outof srvice and sometimes stress to much they never end up having a good time or a good meall
simply when you go out have paitence and be willing to except someones mistakes becqause lifes to short to get upset over a good meal….




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