Chris Kauppinen gastronome

5 06 2009

I personally believe that in the future food will not be just a meal and entertainment but a destination, an experience and be more fulfilling not just to people who care but to most of the population. I think gastronome and the contemporary ideas that come from it won’t be used as much as some people predict but rather like all of the cooking styles and chefs of the past, some of it will be placed in the grand reserve of cooking.

The idea of flavors not seeming how they feel or making something appear its not, are grand tricks that could be used in many other applications of cooking to sauté or grill to even something simple as how we plate a salad. Many new ideas may come along from how we use chemicals and science to help us in the kitchen. A good example we as chefs may say something is very hot, then you’re told to be careful, but what if someone brought you a soup and told you its very cold be careful? Ideas such as this may seem weird or strange but could be basic concepts in the near future.

Things we do today would seem very alien to chefs 100 or even 50 years ago, how we plate, what we plate, how we cook a food item, would insult some chefs from long ago, yet today we find them perfectly acceptable and even some genius and elegant. In conclusion, I don’t think gastronome is the future but rather a link as many other styles and will connect us to the next set of years, to the next generation of chefs, and even how customers dine and see food.




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