Wine by Nick Morgan

3 06 2009

As I sat in class the first day I knew that I would learn a whole bunch of knowledge on the understanding of wines.  I thought that I would be learning about how to match certain wines with certain types of food and that’s about it.  Thankfully I was wrong.  I learned so many things that i will be able to hang on to for a very long time.  I was amazed with some of the first few teachings of the class.  I was excited to learn more about the history of wines, like how the vines of European wines have a root that comes from the U.S.  I like to know these sort of things. 

I am going to have to say that my least favorite wine was from South Africa.  I rated it very poorly due to the fact that it was very strong and had such a briny smell and flavor.  It was the 08 Seven Sisters Chenin Blanc from the Western Cape.  It just reminded me of a smelly pond with lots of minerally scents.  I could go awhile without having to taste that one again. 

My favorite wine was the one that I got to taste today.  It was the 07 Tolloy Pinot Grigio from Alto Adige in North Eastern Italy.  It had very subtle smells of blackberries and gravel that I found to be very appealing together.  Once I tasted it I found that it had that bitterness that I remeber from my childhood, Unripe apples.  When I taste something that reminds me of my childhood I always remember what it was.




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5 06 2009

Nick, which other wines from South Africa did you taste?

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