Wine by: John Grimes

3 06 2009

Before taking this class I was ignorant when it came to wines, sure I had tried wines in my life time, but I did not know the enormous History and tradition of he world of wine.
Before this class I saw wine as the alcohol for the snobs, (people that look down at people like me) talking all this mambo jumbo, but after being in this class, I have gained some knowledge about the rich history of wine making. About the difference between the Old World and the New World
In the Old world it was all about “Terroir” the connection to the land or all the non- human elements that go in to growing grapes. The Aroma, flavor also played a great deal on making wines. Also how its harvested, pressed, stored, and bottled, and labeled.
In the New World is all about experimental of Enology “the science of making wine”. The new world does everything the apposite of the old world, from cultivation, to harvest, storing, bottle ling, and labeling.
Of all the wine I have tried in this class, my favorite was the 07 Tolly, Pinot Grigio light with faint butter and peach hint. I can say that I enjoy drinking the white aver all, don’t like the acid, and the tannin, of most red wines, but I’m making my self enjoy those wines. I wish this class would be longer, because I’m interested in learning more about the world of wines




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