A students thoughts on wine in wine and beverage class

3 06 2009

Melissa Perino

June 3, 2009

Blog Assignment

Before this class I knew nothing about wine.  I only knew there was a red kind and there was a white kind.  When I came to figure out in class that there are 100’s of thousands species of grapes my jaw dropped.  How could something so common be so varied.  It was amazing to also learn that grapes grow best in horrible soil, kind of weird if you ask me.  The whole idea of Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon being the main/ top six grape varietals grown around the world is pretty amazing.  It’s funny how I was taught how to remember the order from lightest to full bodied wines… and I quote, “Really Strong Coffee Purges My Colon.” Thanks Mr. Willison, PRICELESS! I never understood the complexity and variations of the subtle to strong flavors and smells.  I am glad to know what I know now.  I find it much easier to sudgest a nice mellow wine to complement a dish, though I do need a lot of practice.  I seriously did not know that champagne and sparkling wine came from grapes, don’t ask me where I thought the liquor came from I just didn’t put two and two together when the bottle clearly said “Sparkling Wine”.  I enjoyed learning about the Champagne in class today.  The Champagne Brachetto d’ Acqui Marenco was the best I have ever tasted.  It had such a hearty creamy custard like smell, it was almost like cream soda.  When I tasted it I was flabbergasted because it seriously tasted like candy and somewhat like cream soda.  The least favorite wine I have tried was this week and it was rough.  It was the 2004 Barbaresco Ceretto “Asij”,  it had an inviting smell but jeebis the taste was weird.  I guess my pallet is not mature enough to enjoy something so out of the norm.  Another favorite of mine was the 2006 Geil Bechtheimer Hasen Sprung Riesling it was fantastic very smooth and fruity with a pear tart smell and a straw color.  Overall my experience with wine has been great and I have learned a hell of a lot in 3 weeks than I have ever learned about anything in a life time.

Thanks Mike Willison for the wine education, you are awesome!




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