Jason Goss

2 06 2009

              I must say before this class i was not very educated in the smelling and tasting of wine, i basically would take the advice of others and drink blindly with out much thought, and not realize the depth of the aromas and flavors that each individual wine offers. I was also ignorant to the impact that wine has played, not only in European history, but in the history of civilization from the new to the old worlds. I have much more respect for the process that is involved in the creation of most bottles of wine, with a few exceptions, so for the most part my opinons have changed for the better, basically from education. I did find the whites of the old world, such as France, more appeasing then the rest because I felt that they had more depth in flavors then the new world whites such as the Hugel et fils riesling alsace, and the cotes du rhone rose paul jabulet. The California wines where also very tasty and seemed to be more fruity then the old world. I can not say which wines that I disliked, because i would need to have other flavors on my palet to give them a fair chance, but if i had to go by circumstances then i would have to say some of the heavier reds such as the Francis Ford Coppola’s Cabernet Sauvignon or any Cabernet Sauvignon for that fact mainly because there was nothing to balance the heavy and strong flavors. I did find this class to be a strong base for me to learn off of and will use it as a stepping stone for me to continue my education in wine during my time here and  long after graduation.




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