BETTER than drugs By Selena Figueroa

1 06 2009

What is it about the kitchen that draws us? maybe the adrenaline, screaming, running and sweat. It really is a very dirty place and a dirty job, and we are, for somereason sadistically addicted to it. You know when a cook/chef really loves their job when they cant leave until everything is perfect. Imagine this , flames, fast paced heart pumping action, sweating, and shouting all while creating a masterpiece that goes out to the customer flawessly. It’s stimulating to the senses knowing you were a part of a memory in the making something to instill in the customers minds forever…if you are THAT good.

keep OUT of your mind, the fame and glam that CAN happen from becoming a good chef, keep IN mind your passion what you wake up thinking about and before you sleep what is on your mind, not just the food but the understanding of it, get into all aspects of it if you want your name to be known your just have to love what your doing and be great at it.




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