Where the culinary world is going today by Jason Boland

28 05 2009

Recently i watched an interesting show by an experienced chef out of new york named Anthony bourdain on his show nor reservations Feran Adria. Anthony went to Spain and explored and experienced this upcoming trend of food know as molecular gastronomy and how it is becoming this epedemic. feran is know as the most conterversal chef out there but in the end anthony had been almost convinced that even though its science and art it can stiil taste good.

The culinary world today is very diffrent that it was a hundred years ago but not only is it far diffrent from that its also far from the culinary world of even as 15 years. Not only the food but also service is way diffrent, times have changed because the customer expects more. 

Do i think that the food will be the same in the next 10 years either, well thats up in the air because it seams to evolve every day. I think in 10 years  that there will be things taken from feran but i think that old cooking tecniques are important too. some of the concepts that feran is pputting on the table are simply to advanced and to expensive for just anybody to play around with.

so i think that the service and the food with change and evolve and through this process each peson will take little things from all aspects of cooking to what suits their needs for the food that they are tryin to present.




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