ok i get it now

16 05 2009

Well to be honest i used to the think wine was only for yuppies and those that werent sure about their drinking abilities but this class and my current girl friend hace taught me that wine can be very good to you wink wink. monetarly and the other way.So i believe that it has definately change my opinion for the better because now i can look at more than just the beer section of the menu at dinner and look a little more classy at the same time. Out of all the wines and countries ive found that i am a fan of the buttery sweet wines of germany and southern italy. I have become a fan of the reisling and the pino grigio because i am fairly new to the wine world i have some cathing up to do with the aqquistion of learning to like tannin in high doses so anything with a lot of tannin i will be passing on for now. So stay away from me for now cabernet savingnon. adam williams




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