SLAINTE: Joe Mullican

15 05 2009

Slainte all you enophiles, that word sounds like a creepy disorder like pedophile, maybe they should shorten it to enos or better yet E’NOSE. I’ve had a great opportunity to learn wine from a dynamic teacher, Mike Willison. His enthusiasm and passion in the classroom is remarkable to say the least. There was never a dull moment in class. He grabs your attention like an Australian Shiraz. My only regret is that the class did not last longer. 3 Weeks! Really! Although I did learn quite alot in those 3 weeks, enough so to get a basic understanding and a passion to persue more knowledge. I have always enjoyed wines, but never understood why, and I was limited to my selection for FEAR of what was in the next bottle. Wine always seemed to be too perplexing and complicated. Through this class I’ve learned that complex is a good thing and through the tastings I have found a few more favorites. One of my favorite varietals is actually a Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine in which I never really enjoyed. ’05 Francis Ford Coppola “Directors Cut” still lingers in my mind as a pleasurable experience like losing my virginity. To me, this was a good find, Unfortunately you can only lose your virginity, I hope I never lose this wine. I also learned this wine is only sold to restaurant wholesale. (maybe Mike can hook me up…hint hint) I also never enjoyed a chardonnay but found ’06 Wolf Blass Gold label to be very enticing. I always had the misconception that dry wines were popular but i never really enjoyed, again my head has been turned by many dry or off dry wines. I like the well rounded medium wines the most and dislike the really sweet or very astringent tannin wines.To anyone thinking wine is too perplexing to learn and is intimidating, I challenge you to try! You’ll soon learn enough to take the fear away and explore deeper the shallow realms of beauty in wine.




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