Sheran Ranasinghe…

15 05 2009

well, one thing I can say is that before this wine class, when ever I went to a wine or liquor store, the wine isle was not the place where hang out, it was the beer and other liquors. In fact to help you understand how uneducated I was about wine, I didn’t know that a Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, riesling, etc…was name of a grape variety…just thought that they were just some fancy names..but now, whenever I get a chance to go the wine store I will go, just to see and explore different wines…

This class definitely opened my eyes about wine…before it was just something intimidating and complex… some of the things that are fascinating about wine for me is, the whole thought processes of the Old and New worlds…I mean now I know why those people were so concered about the terrior and doing wine the correct way it’s supposed to be done…. after all these tasting sessions in class I’ve come to love and appreciate those subtle and bold aromas a wine produces and the tastes that compliment and enhance different flavors of food… Also, the aroma of the wines that are aged in Oak, just reminds me of bakery, spices and I have really come to appreciate this…although I’m still trying to learn to appreciate red wines that have high tannin levels like the Malbec we had from Argentina… he!! he!! (i saw some of the most wierd faces after everyone tasted that one)
As you can see I’m definitely amazed about wines…and will be amazed as I continue to explore different wines.. Thank you, Mike for making a class that would have been very boring and interesting one… although, one would think after teaching all these years, their inspiration about what teach might decrease…I appreciate and thank you for being inspired through out our class to help us become inspired about this great artistry.. Thanks again.




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