Can’t we all Just Get Along

13 05 2009

Can’t We All Just Get Along

By: Pierre Vega


In the restaurant business lays a deep rivalry between the front of the house and the back of the house, basically the cooks hate the waiters and the waiters hate the cooks. Why is that, what are the problems that lie beneath it all and how do we overcome the obstacles? We have to exam both sides and determine that most of the problems might really begin with time. Time is money and for the front of the house most of the time; tips are actual wages that are going to pay the rent, the cell phone bill and basically any outstanding debt he or she might have outside of work. For the waiters and waitresses out in the industry patience is a virtue all while trying to keep the guests happy without seeming as if we’re rushing them out! Yet ignorance is still an existing nature that they hold.

Line cooks and Chef’s alike are on a schedule of trying to get out food as fast as possible but without rushing courses. We have timelines set in our mind of when we should send food out appropriately and are always running a hundred miles an hour both in body and mind. Yet the undistinguished pressure that digs into their skin would be from the impatient wait staff that wants their food now, yet the annoyance must also come from having food ready and having it sit at the window waiting for someone to take just becomes a frustration. Now it may seem as if I am rooting for the kitchen staff because they are rock stars, but the importance of a wait staff is by far not low. They are our advertisement, the people who day in and day out have to deal with those nitpickers, and have to put on a smile for some obnoxious diners who believe they are always right and there isn’t anything you can do about it. So wait staff applaud yourselves because you have to sell our food, you have to cope with what some people might consider a mental breakdown, without even a flinch. Emotions at the door I’ve been told may times over and if you keep that in mind you can always have the cards on your side.

After a few weeks of waiting tables, the frustrations develop about time, how is it that the three top is going to get their appetizers before my two top’s salads? You feel as if your overwhelmed by the public to always be on hand and to be courteous; I have always been a polite individual and most all of my patients is always there, but working as a cook too gives me that tingle in the back of my mind that seems to take over and make wonder why it takes ten minutes to put out a Lyonaise Salad.  Though in the rush of the kitchen what may  seem like five minute to a cook my actually be about fifteen and what might have been five minutes to the waiting end is probably two, that is when the wait staff becomes impatient and feelings start to arise in the back of their mind that if their table seems ready to get their food then the kitchen has to have it done as well.

The wait staff is on their feet all day as much as any cook or chef and their personalities and character are their money ticket. And when it comes down to it in the end is that your wait staff is one of the most important people to take care of in the industry, but every so often have to be observed as much as any kitchen hand. So wait staff have a bit more patience and kitchen get a heart, we have to work together in the food industry because we either love food or understand that it is a growing businees that is always generating money for us.




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