Wine and Beverage (Maciek)

12 05 2009

Wine and Beverage has become one of my favorite classes over the past two weeks. Learning about something as random as phyllexora plays a huge part in wines history and how it hasn’t been the same since the New World was colonized (except in Chile because most of the vines and rootstock were imported from France in the 1800’s, just in time to avoid the vine eating louse).
I was introduced to wine at a young age as a part of almost every meal, but I never understood the tastes. I classified most wines as sweet (usually white wine) or dry in the mouth (caberenet sauvignon or merlot). Now I know that the dryness is due to tannin.
In this class I’ve learned to associate wines with the aromas of various fruit and non-fruit items, as well as being able to identify whether or not the wine was aged in oak or steel barrels.
My favorite wine that we tasted in class was 2001 Saint Emilion, Chateau Montlisse Merlot. This one was my favorite because it wasn’t sweet (I hate Riesling), the acid wasn’t over powering and it contained a lot of tannin and alcohol (13.5%). This full body wine would be my first choice when I order steak.




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