Wine (Jamie Wolff)

8 05 2009

I turned of legal drinking age while living in Europe so wine has always been something that I have enjoyed but not understood very well. I knew the grape varieties I enjoyed (Riesling, Chardonnay) however occasionally I would come across one I didn’t enjoy and assume it was a bad bottle or producer. Since taking this class I now understand the wines I did not enjoy were aged in oak, this is also why I don’t enjoy many reds. After sampling several different styles of wine in class I find I still enjoy the old world wines best, and those from the new world that still have old world influences such as wines from Argentina and Chili. Whites are still my favorite, I enjoy the sweet refreshing taste, probably because I enjoy spicy foods best. Riesling will always be my best stand by however Chenin Blanc or Torrentes might edge it out as my favorite. My least favorites are the reds, the taste of oak and tannin are not very appealing to me. The Malbec in particular was to strong for my taste as well as the Cabernet Sauvignon mostly because of its leathery quality. I did however learn more about wine paring and would not be afraid to try a red wine with an appropriate food dish such as meat served with a creamy sauce or a milk chocolate dessert. Overall this has been one of my favorite classes and defiantly one I can see as being immediately useful in my career.




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