kyles blog

25 04 2009

I knew that wines were a tricky thing to learn to master before I came in your class, but I had never considered myself a novice until I took that first seat. The was a lot to grasp in those 3 short weeks, but after really understanding how complex wines can be, I think that is the push to want to learn more. Really, there aren’t many wines I don’t like. I’d rather say that there are wines that I would not choose to drink without a food pairing. Of course, I love a nice sauvignon blanc of some fucking cold veuve cliquout to sip on by its self, but I feel I’ve gained a higher appreciation for wines from less pronounced places like Chile and South Africa. Before I would have simply skipped over them on a menu and selected one from either California or France, but I think I just might give them a second thought next time I’m out to eat. I can’t say that at the end of every class I feel grateful for the knoweldge that was provided by our instructors; and I can’t say either, that I usually feel like the money I spent was worth it. In this class however, I don’t feel like I spent any money at all; I believe I invested it.




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