Hermione (Bianca Cancino)

25 04 2009

At first I thought wine was just alcohol because that’s all i would be able to smell. I never thought that many different smells could come out of one cup of liquid. My opinion has changed for the better because I was able to look at wine in a whole new perspective and think about what actually goes into making it. Out of all the wines I smelled in class my favorite was color was the goldish color of the white wines that were aged in oak. They smelled great and I loved the way they look. I appreciated the bakery smells the most out of all the wines since I needed something pleasant to smell since I do not drink. One of the rules at Hogwarts. The least appealing to me was the wine that was corked. That was worse than changing a child’s pamper. I never want to smell that again. I was glad to have been in your class and I’ll see you around Professor Snape.




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