Wine and Beverage 9:15am Class

24 04 2009

Wine for me has changed alot in my opinion; from simple, earthy flavors of the old world to the powerful, spicy amd smooths wines of the new world that its quite remarkable. my first impression of wine was that I hated it. I could only drink white wine because it was cold; I wouldnt even touch Red- forgettabooouuut it. but after really tasting varietal wines and seeing how they can pair with food and the complexity and taste that they all alone have, I am much more interested in them these days. Of the meant wines I’ve tried over the past few weeks. I would have to say that my favorie would have to be the White Wines, more particularly the Ar Tesa Chardonnay 2006 because the lactic acid it held had such a contrary texutre then classic wines. it was very rich, very buttery, creamy and sweet like dried fruits. As far a a least favorite wine, I would honestly have to say there was none- all wines are different and although some have different tastes, they could all be utilized to pair with good meals to make spectacular dishes and, if that fails, then just make a sauce- go crazy. Toodles Cory F. P.S> Coobah Crew, the Dudes with ‘Tudes




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